Complete Cannabis Grow Used Equipment

12 Light Complete Grow Set Up

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12 Digital Ballasts 500w/750w/1000w HID or MH Auto Switching 120/240 volt.

12 HID Bulbs 1 year old.

12 New in box MH Bulbs, never used.

12 Air Cooled 6” Tubes Completely Assembled with Large Shades

4 x 6” vortex fans

1 x 10” Large inline exhaust fan

2 timer boards;

1 x 6 light board

1 x 8 light board

12 plus cords 

2 x dehumidifiers

Tons of different size pots 1 gal to 15 gal

All hooks and hardware

2 newer filters

Veg Room Set Up

6 x 400 w digital HID or MH ballasts.

6 x 4 ft parabolic shades.

Several inline max fans.


I have a lot of other stuff as well including flips (light relay system) which turns 1 room into 2, 12 light rooms for flowering.


My best crop with 2, 12 light rooms was almost 40 lbs.

I will sell complete 12 light system for:



All this equipment for 12 light room cost me over 20k, I am sacrificing it at $10k 

I will include Veg Room Stuff for an additional $1k

Everything is in great working order with no issues. 


I used insulated ducting for the lights, and rooms sit at 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

The rest is negotiable if there is something else that you are looking for.

Used - 12 Light Complete Grow Set Up

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    Both Thomas Jefferson and George Washington grew hemp on their plantations. The British crown even ordered the colonists to grow the plant

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