Biometrics for Cannabis & Hemp Ventures

StoneLock is a privately held, woman-owned, Kansas-based company with a Washington DC presence addressing the demanding security requirements in the government space.


At StoneLock, we bring together unique knowledge and capabilities in the areas of biometrics and identity management. We design and manufacture superior enterprise-ready biometric access control products, configurable as standalone solutions or integrated with other leading security management systems.


StoneLock is meeting the government’s need for access control by offering users both accuracy and convenience while meeting the stringent requirements of some of the most security-intensive facility requirements. As the government moves beyond personal identity verification (PIV) cards and PIN numbers, which can easily be stolen and shared, biometrics provide reliability, convenience, and lower total cost of ownership — without the need to touch anything.

STONELOCK - Biometrics

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    Most Security Systems on the market today can be used for a Cannabis or Hemp production facility. However, most of those systems are not installed properly.

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