Cannabis Production Fan Coils for Licensed Producers

This multi-use fan coil is another addition to a full line of purpose-built climate control equipment designed specifically for controlled environment agriculture (CEA).


This unit meets the demanding nature of CEA, providing high latent (dehumidification) output with minimal energy use via the variable speed fan motor, while staying within a reasonable price point.


This unit can be mounted inside the growing space, unducted, OR can reside outside the space and ducted in.


When applied into a chilled water system with automation, this system provides the ability to change entering water temperatures, flow rate, and fan speed to provide real time changes 
to the cooling or dehumidification capacity provided at any given point in order to precisely manage temperature and humidity. In addition to providing precise climates, it also allows the flexibility to modify the system output capacity as conditions in the facility change.


Sensible heat ratio (SHR) is a term used to describe the amount of sensible cooling 
(temperature reduction) vs latent cooling (dehumidification) for any given air conditioning unit. By coupling with a properly designed chilled water system and lower entering water temperatures, SFC units have been constructed to have more latent cooling than comfort cooling fan coil units of similar tonnage.

The Surna Fan Coil (SFC) is available standard in four different sizes with cooling output ranging from 1 to 6 tons with other custom sizes available upon request, ensuring a solution for any size environment.


The Surna whisper-quiet fan coil uses EC motors to optimize airflow while modulating chilled water valves are used to fine-tune for minimizing energy consumption.


Utilizing designs with multiple units within each grow space allows for distributed airflow throughout while offering redundancy if a unit fails or need maintenance, and our fan coil designs are all compatible with CO2 injection systems.

SURNA - Fan Coil

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