Wet & Dry Bud Trimming for Cannabis Producers

Updated for 2019, all Twister Trimmers ship with the new tumblers to trim BOTH wet and dry. No more switching tumblers!


The Twister T6 is a revolution in small machine trimming and automation. The radical new small-capacity tabletop design allows for quality, hand trim-finished trimming speeds of up to 6 lbs/hr dry or 30 lbs/hr wet, right from the comfort of your own home or on the go.


Weighing at only 42 lbs, the Twister T6 is perfect for the smaller grows or home operations and contains everything you need and ever wanted in a portable trimmer.



Each T6 requires a leaf collector to work. This package comes with the leaf collector. Please contact us for trimmer only price.



  • SoftTumble™ Technology: Your flowers receive very little impact due to less crawl and a shorter tumble distance.
  • Portable Precision: 19,250 cuts per minute using a precision blade. The tightest cut in the industry.
  • Grab and Go: The new portable design is made for plug and play so you can trim anywhere
  • Easy to clean:  Strip down in seconds. No tools required.
  • Peace of mind: Twister offers live tech support 12 hours a day, seven days a week, along with an ironclad 3 Year Warranty.

What's Included in the Twister T6 

  • Twister T6
  • Leaf Collector
  • Standard Tumbler
  • Hopper
  • Owner's Manual


      TWISTER - T6 Wet & Dry Bud Trimmer

      SKU: ICE10090
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