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WeedWhacker 2000
(20hp) Dual Shaft Commercial/Industrial Marijuana Shredder

Dual Shaft Shredder The WeedWhacker 2000  is a high torque, low speed, industrial shredders that efficiently shred a wide range of materials. These features ensure less downtime, noise, and dust emission compared to high speed two-shaft shredders. Designed for your specific application, everything from the cutter profile to the system layout is carefully considered to ensure you obtain the shred size and throughput you require.


Features & Options

  • BEARING PROTECTION Shredded contaminants are prevented from reaching the bearings through the use of false walls and seals.
  • INDIVIDUAL CLEANING FINGERS Reduces wrapping and material packing between the cutters, while being easy to remove and adjust.  
  • CUSTOM LAYOUTS System Engineers will work to ensure the shredder and supports fit seamlessly into your system.
  •  CUTTER DESIGN The number and length of hooks, as well as cutter width and material are selected to maximize throughput at the required shred size.
  •  AUTO SHAFT REVERSAL Improves online reliability by reorienting material to grab, preventing overfeeding, and protecting against damage from unshreddable objects.
  •  HIGH TORQUE, LOW SPEED TECHNOLOGY Efficiently process bulk fed, tough to shred materials.  Less downtime, noise and dust emission than high speed shredders

WEEDWHACKER - 2000 - Cannabis Shredder - 20HP

SKU: ICE10014
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